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Heat Treatment to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Logan, Ohio

Tri-County Pest Control Uses Heat Assault to Keep Bed Bugs from Biting

For heat treatment to get rid of bed bugs in Logan, Ohio, call the professionals at Tri-County Pest Control. Bed bugs are not fun for anyone so we use the Heat Assault method of pest control. Bed bugs take a toll on your health, ranging from allergies to sleeping problems.

Even more, you do not have to live with these breeding pests. Contact our team at Tri-County Pest Control today to schedule an inspection, consultation, and/or service. Call us at (740) 385-9695, or contact us online for more on the Heat Assault heat treatment services we offer. For emergencies after business hours, call us at (740) 279-0676.

Know the Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation in Logan, Ohio

While it is not hard to spot bed bugs themselves, various aspects can make up an infestation. If you see the following signs in and around your home or business, call us to schedule inspection:

• Dark, Ink-like Fecal Stains on Bedding, Walls, or Furniture
• Bed Bug Skins from Molting
• Eggs or Egg Shells
• Rash or Bug Bites

After you confirm the signs, Tri-County Pest Control, Inc. provides effective heat treatment in Logan, Ohio, and surrounding areas.

Be Aware of These Likely Bed Bug Areas When You Check

You might know to check the bed for bugs. However, due to the rapid nature of pest infestation, be aware of these likely bed bug areas:

Bed Frames
Box Springs
Gaps in Flooring, Baseboards, Wall Sockets
Loose Wallpaper or Paneling
Picture Frames
Shoe Boxes
Storage Boxes

Getting Ready to Apply the Heat and Get Rid of Bed Bugs
Finding bed bugs is the first step, getting rid of them effectively means being able to treat the infested area. Tri-County Pest Control applies the Heat Assault method, which uses high heat (120-135 degrees F.). Before we visit, you may have to remove items that are unable to withstand high heat, such as:

Aerosol Cans
Certain Electronic Devices
Musical Instruments

Heat Assault Puts Your Bed Bug Problems to Rest So You Can Sleep

Bed bugs move fast and breed quickly. You need a team with the tools to keep up with them. Our qualified staff uses the professional Heat Assault Bed Bug Killer System. This high-heat method helps customers eliminate their problems on the first try.

The system works by reaching kill-zone temperatures and keeping the heat on the insects. It kills the pests and their offspring, at all stages of development. We can do this in one treatment so you can sleep tight at night. Call us today for a no-obligation estimate customized to meet your specific bed bug treatment needs.

We offer senior and military discounts, along with payment plans, on heat treatment services.

Rely on Tri-County Pest Control for heat treatment to get rid of

bed bugs in Logan, Ohio.