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Tri-County Pest Control Provides Effective Termidor Termite Treatment

Did you know that professional pest control services in Canal Winchester, Ohio can keep you safer? Pests cost homeowners about $5 billion in damages every year in the United States. Termites can eat into your equity, literally.

Noticeable damage under the paint or wallpaper is a red flag you have termites. If some doors or windows are difficult to open or close then it is time to call an expert. It is better to catch a termite infestation early before they have time to destroy your house.

Scheduling services from Tri-County Pest Control can keep your home free from problem pests. If you have rodents, termites, bedbugs, or other uninvited guests contact our team. Call (740) 385-9695 or contact us online to schedule Termidor termite treatment services in Canal Winchester and surrounding areas.

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Our pest control technicians are fully licensed and experts in their field. We understand pest and rodent control issues in Canal Winchester are urgent matters. So we strive to arrange appointments as quickly as possible. Pests can impact your daily life and bring it to a standstill. It is our commitment to help keep area communities comfortable and safe.

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Eradicate Bed Bugs with Heat Treatment in Canal Winchester, Ohio

Bed bugs can happen to anyone. They are traveling insects that come inside on shoes, suitcases, and more. Your house can be spotless and you may still have bed bugs, so be aware of the signs. These insects are resilient and only need one thing to live, blood. They can go months without food and continue multiplying. Tri-County Pest Control offers specialized heat treatment to kill and eliminate bed bugs.

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