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Win the War Against Termite and Bed Bug Pests in Buckeye Lake, Ohio

Tri-County Pest Control Can Handle Buckeye Lake Insects and Rodents

To win the war against termite and bed bug pests in Buckeye Lake, Ohio, rely on Tri-County Pest Control. The 13 common pests are most likely to invade your home include:

Clothes moths
House crickets

Do you have an infestation of termites, bedbugs, or other pests in Buckeye Lake and the surrounding area? Today’s pest control battles have the advantage of better technology and professional services. Call Tri-County Pest Control today at (740) 385-9695 or contact us online to learn how we can help you.

Termidor Termite Treatment for Buckeye Lake Homes and Businesses

Owning a home or business in the Buckeye Lake area is a big investment. Termites and similar pests cause approximately $5 billion in damage every year just in the United States. Our experts know how to provide effective Termidor termite treatment. We do not want termites to eat the equity you have in your property. Call us today!

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We Handle Bed Bug Pests with Heat Treatment in Buckeye Lake, Ohio

A bed bug infestation is something straight out of a nightmare. The scary part is they are becoming more and more common to see. In addition, these pests can live for months without nourishment.

Fortunately, Tri-County Pest Control offers heat treatment to handle bed bug pests at all stages of development. It can be difficult to tackle a severe bed bug infestation alone. Rely on our professionals to lend a hand—along with a whole lot of heat. We can eliminate bed bugs at your home or business for good.

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termite and bed bug pests in Buckeye Lake, Ohio.