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Tri-County Pest Control Fights Bed Bugs and Termites in Jackson, Ohio

For superb pest control services in Jackson, Ohio, count on the experts at Tri-County Pest Control. There is never a good time to have unwanted pests in your home. However, every season presents its own challenges. Whether you are fighting rodents in the winter, fleas in the summer, or ants in the spring, you need help. However, you do not have to fight against these home or business invaders on your own. Call Tri-County Pest Control at (740) 385-9695 or contact us online for high-quality pest control services in Jackson, Ohio.

Our Rodent Control Experts Can Eradicate Pests of Various Sizes

Rodents can cause a great deal of destruction within a little period of time. They are known for burrowing into your ductwork, leaving behind bacteria-ridden feces, and eating electrical wires and insulation. While some rodents may seem small, the damage they leave behind can be very sizable. In addition, rodents within a business can also lead to a series of health code violations. They can cause even larger and more costly issues down the road. Tri-County Pest Control has experience with rodent control. We can get those pesky four-legged creatures out of your home or business for good.

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We Help Control Insect Problems in Jackson, Ohio, Homes, and Businesses

Rodents are not the only pests we help home and business owners in Jackson, Ohio, with. Tri-County Pest Control is also skilled at insect control, including to termites, bed bugs, spiders, ants, and beetles. There are many invasive species of insects that populate the greater Jackson, Ohio region. Our experts know how to keep all of them out of your home or business. Contact Tri-County Pest Control for customized services today if you are concerned about insect control.

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